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We were very satisfied with the efficient handling of our will and power of attorney. You made us feel comfortable with everything that was accomplished. We appreciate your handling everything for us.
Donald and Ruth Meiklejohn, Williamstown, MA

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Jim Sisto was invited to California where he appeared on the national television show, Leading Experts in a segment called  "Ask the Lawyer". He was interviewed at Palm Springs Studios by Patti Gribow, who  previously interviewed such guests as Senator John McCain, Dan Rather, Gloria Alred, Steve Garvey and other celebrities. He discussed Nursing Homes and Medicaid. Click below to sEe excerpts.

Video Transcription

Hello, welcome to my website, I’m Jim Sisto, founder of the Berkshire Elder Law Center. This website was designed to provide you valuable information. Information that will save you thousands of dollars and many many sleepless nights.

For the past 20 years my clients have been asking me a lot of questions. The answers to these questions can be found on this web site. Questions such as, Do I really need a will? Will I lose everything if I go into a nursing home? How do I protect my spouse? What is Probate? What is the difference between medicare and medicaid? And finally, What exactly is elder law anyway?

The website is designed specific topics or pages. Each page contains a topic. One on Medicaid, one on Estate Planning, one about real estate transfers, there’s a page for my Free Reports and Elder Helper, my newsletter.

Each page contains information, articles and reports designed to give you facts so you can make good decisions.

So, take the time to go through it. I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful.

What Is Elder Law
Video Transcription

HOST:You hear a lot about Elder Law & Elder Law Attorneys, What exactly is elder law?

Elder law is a growing area of the law whereby attorneys provide education, guidance and legal services to the senior population so they can obtain the peace of mind they richly deserve.

An elder law attorney must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of medicaid rules, estate planning techniques, tax laws, not to mention social security and medicare laws. As you are probably aware, these laws are extremely complex and continually change, so you have to keep up with them. I really enjoy doing what I do and that enables me to establish a unique bond with my clients.


Why I Chose Elder Law
Video Transcription

I chose elder law as a specialty for my practice because I find it so much more mutually rewarding than the general practice of law. When I started practicing law 20 years ago I did the divorces and the bankruptcy and the litigation that every body goes through. And I didn’t connect. I didn’t feel that I was really making my mark. So I decided that I was going to specialize in elder law and estate planning because that’s what I do best. I have an affinity for bonding with my clients and helping them. I think that comes from the relationship I had with my grandmother who died in 1993 from Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m a transplanted New Yorker. I came up to Massachusetts and I live in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains now and before I use to commute by subway from the Bronx everyday to the World Trade Center where I worked as a tax consultant on the 101st floor. And just getting to work was a job in and of itself. Those of you familiar with the NYC transit system know what I’m mean. So now I love getting up and going to work. It is not a job for me. It’s what I do. Helping people protect their homes and savings.

Protect the Family Home
Video Transcription

Hi I’m Jim Sisto, founder of the Berkshire Elder Law Center. For the past 20 years I’ve been dedicated to protecting my clients’ homes.

If you end up in a nursing home and your on medicaid, if the house is in your own name, the state can put a lien on your house so that it doesn’t pass to your children or your heirs.

But the GOOD NEWS is that there are ways to protect the family home. Simple ways. Transferring the house to your healthy spouse. Changing your Will. Creating a life estate that gives you the right to live in your house but transferring ownership to your children. All these things can be done and there not really public knowledge.

So please take the time to learn the system so you can protect your home and savings.

Alzheimers Disease
Video Transcription

Hi I’m Jim Sisto founder of the Berkshire Elder Law Center. Many of us have seen first hand, how Alzheimer’s disease affects our loved ones. I’ve seen first hand personally and from my clients what the disease has done. My grandmother died from Alzheimer’s in 1993.

She received unbelievable care from my mother and her 2 sisters. Not everyone is fortunate to have this care. My heart goes out to people afflicted with this disease and to the loved ones who care for them on a day to day basis.

The Memory Walk is the Alzheimer’s Association’s national fund raising event. Walks are held all over the country on a 2 or 3 day period. The purpose of which is to raise funds to find a cure and to fund the support programs that are provided to families.

I’m asking you to join my team the Berkshire Elder Law Center or make a contribution. You can join my team by calling my office at (413) 664-7700 or go to my web site for more information. Thank you.

Emergency Warning
Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Jim Sisto, founder of the Berkshire Elder Law Center.

This is an Emergency Warning. Please listen to what I have to say.

If you or a loved one are in a nursing home or are about to enter one. What you don’t know could cost you Thousands if not 100s of thousands of dollars and the family home. I’m talking about the Medicaid system. The Medicaid system is a government program relied upon by many Americans to pay for their nursing home care if they can’t afford it. It’s an extremely complex and continually changing law. My job is to prevent this from happening. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years helping my clients to protect their homes and savings. Please call me. Let me help you protect your home and savings as well.

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